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Sherlock holmes Heute bestellen, versandkostenfrei Sherlock plays because he is good at it; so does Mycroft. Tonight, Jackson seems to be drinking more brandy than usual, and at one point, when Sherlock and Mycroft are at loggerheads, he suddenly gets it into his head that he is an ace at poker, and decides to hang over the back of Sherlock's chair and give him hints Mycroft, a sherlock fanfic | FanFiction In Sherlock's defense Mycroft had never been around much through-out Sherlocks adolescence. In fact he was barley aware he had a brother. It was a topic filed into the back of his brain to be pulled out at the rare family dinner or an off handed comment from his Mummy When Sherlock jumped from the rooftop, John is devastated. The most important person in his life has killed himself. He doesn't know how to go on now, knowing that Sherlock will never come back. Worst of all, however, is that he never got a chance to tell Sherlock he loved him Mycroft would spend many an evening in his brother's nursery, sat in the chair beside Sherlock's crib, taking notes as the baby giggled at getting his own limbs in a tangled mess. He only ever smiled or giggled when Mycroft was around, and the older boy wondered why

He provided a silent tour of the room, and watched as Sherlock's eyes tried to focus on the flickering machinery. They were grey when faced with metal, but blue against the blanket, and green when near the sterile sheets. Mycroft was fascinated; he always looked at his brother, even when he cried or slept Sherlock bugged Mycroft's office as often as he could, testing which places took the longest for security or Mycroft to find. This bug, in Mycroft's umbrella stand, was running on two days undiscovered. Sherlock wished that he hadn't planted it at all. If he hadn't, he wouldn't be overcome with guilt right now

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More Mycroft Had Enough by crazycatt71. TV » Sherlock Rated: M, English, Sherlock H., John W., Mycroft H., Words: 1k+, Favs: 63, Follows: 10, Published: 1/12/2012. 4. Sherlock got out of the shower, dried off, then wrapped a towel around his waist and went into his room. He was reaching into the cupboard for a pair of trousers when he heard heavy. Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes (6) Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor (5) Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper (5) Exclude Additional Tags Protective Big Brother Mycroft (146) Mycroft Being a Good Brother (50) Angst (37) Hurt/Comfort (26) Fluff (25) Protective Mycroft (24) Sherlock Holmes Has Feelings (15) Holmes Brothers (14) Sherlock Being Sherlock (13) Crossover (11) Other tags to exclude More Options. Dr. John Watson Sherlock Holmes Nach dem Culverton-Smith-Fall verbrachte John einen schmerzhaft verkrampften Nachmittag mit Sherlock. Er zählte die Minuten, trank seinen Tee aus und ging nach Hause, ohne jemals die Situation zwischen ihnen zu klären. Und sobald er gegangen war, fiel es ihm sehr schwer, wieder zurückzukehren

Sherlock is awaken after a drunken night to find that his friend, Dr. John Watson, has committed suicide. Sherlock refuses to believe it I wanted to explore the relationship between Sherlock and Mycroft, as a female, and how that would change their interactions. So in this AU Eurus is the oldest child and Mycroft is the youngest in the role Eurus played in the TV series. At this point Sherlock does not know Mycroft (Eurus in the BBC series) exists. Also, in this AU John and Sherlock are married living at Baker Street. Mary is. It was a childish gesture, but Sherlock thrived on childish gestures, more around Mycroft than anyone else. It was likely he thought they annoyed Mycroft, when in fact, Mycroft found them perversely comforting. At least Sherlock still cared enough to try to annoy him FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More Mycroft Visits by junkerey. TV » Sherlock Rated: K, English, Mystery & Drama, Sherlock H., Mycroft H., Words: 3k+, Favs: 8, Follows: 9, Published: 1/7/2014 Updated: 1/12/2014} 1 Chapter 1 Mycroft Visits Sherlock watched and waited until the door of the flat ceased to rattle in its wood frame, and the footfalls on the other side of it took on a.

FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More Mycroft, Mr Bees protector by J.A.Kishu. TV » Sherlock Rated: K, English, Family & Hurt/Comfort, Sherlock H., Mycroft H., Words: 499, Favs: 14, Follows: 2, Published: 5/6/2018. 1. Mycroft, Mr. Bee´s protector (Part 21 of Little Sherlock) Mycroft Holmes enjoys one of the rare, quiet and very peaceful moments he has. He had chosen this life where his. Sherlock & Mycroft, ein Geheimnis für die Ewigkeit. von Sailor Sunrise. Kurzbeschreibung Geschichte Drama, Freundschaft / P18 wende dich bitte mit einer kurzen Problembeschreibung an support@fanfiktion.de. Beim Übermitteln der Daten ist ein Fehler aufgetreten. Eventuell besteht momentan keine Internetverbindung oder es liegt ein anderes Netzwerk-Problem vor. Bitte versuche es später. FanFiction | unleash Mycroft waved the fold in front of Sherlock, who looked up at it and scoffed. John noticing Sherlock's refusal to take the folder, walks over and grabs it, thus he received another glare. John opens the folder and begins to read its content. Thank you, John. As always you're a big help. Now Sherlock is glaring at his brother. Oh please Sherlock enough with the.

Mycroft could see it now so clearly, his brother's heart was breaking and Sherlock hadn't even realized this would be the outcome when he went after Moriarty's network. Sentiment was a weakness, but as Mycroft had discovered through his relationship with Gregory, sentiment also provided some much needed alternative perspective. At this point. FanFiction. Just In. Community. Forum. More Sensory Overload by Irirangi. TV » Sherlock Rated: K+, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, Sherlock H., Mycroft H., Words: 1k+, Favs: 58, Follows: 20, Published: 6/7/2014. 6. Disclaimer: I own nothing. 0o0. Mary and John swepped across the dance floor, dancing in tune to the sound of his Violin. Sherlock was only half paying attention to his hands. Die jüngere Schwester von Sherlock und Mycroft Holmes versteckt sich nach wie vor in London und löst verzwickte Fälle, doch beschließt Mycroft dem ein Ende zu machen und Enola einer rolle zuzuteilen die sie selbst nicht will. Dieses mal ist der große Detektiv vor eine schwierige Aufgabe gestellt und das ausgerechnet im Bereich Familie Sherlock and Mycroft don't meet until Sherlock is seven when their father dumps Mycroft on Sherlock and Mummy's doorstep. Sherlock doesn't take too kindly to having a brother appear out of the blue but doesn't find out about the abuse until years later. The Adventures of Sherlock Holme

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  1. Mystery Thriller Sherlock Sherlockholmes Johnwatson Holmes... When an Italian exchange student rents out 221C Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes is faced with the most intricate case of all: what is the cryptic story behind this ordinary yet surprisingly clever girl? Can she be trusted? And does the past always come back to exact its vengeance
  2. Sherlock., so schnell wie er kann, rennt John aus dem Wartezimmer und prallt mit Mycroft zusammen, dessen Gesichtszüge vor vernichtenden Zorn entstellt sind. Ich werde diese verdammten Dreckskerle töten., schluchzt Mycroft, stößt John zur Seite und läuft mit geballten Fäusten weiter
  3. Mycroft ist seinem kleinen Bruder dicht auf den Fersen, als dieser schluchzend aus dem Krankenhaus rennt. Er weiß welches Ziel Sherlock hat. Beinahe hätte er es geschafft, aber Lestrade mehrere Polizisten und Mycroft konnten ihn davon abhalten, Magnussen zu Tode zu prügeln. Lestrade war es schließlich gelungen, Sherlock Handschellen anzulegen
  4. Mycroft's and Sherlock's levels of intelligence--as well as apathy--could be inhuman to the eyes of John and the rest of the world, but when the focus is on just the two of them, they could not be more normal. Sherlock, like a competitive, slightly jealous younger brother, thinks immaturely of Mycroft by villifying him. And Mycroft, the.
  5. DI Gregory Lestrade Dr. John Watson Irene Adler Mycroft Holmes OC (Own Character) Sherlock Holmes Die Polizistin Leah Sanchez zieht aus den Staaten nach Großbritannien, um dort ein neues Leben zu beginnen. Es dauert nicht lange, bis sie in London auf Sherlock Holmes trifft, der sich einfach nicht von ihren Tatorten vertreiben lassen will
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Dating Mycroft Would Include. Sherlock, I must mycroft good at this. Mycroft thought, the cracks appear. She looks up and briefly locks eyes with him, Thank you Mr Holmes, for your time. Kate turns and cow to walk mycroft-holmes-fanfiction but stops only a mycroft paces from Mycroft. She turns round to face him, You will thinkhard, won't. Mystery Thriller Sherlock Holmes John Watson Mycroft Holmes Ghosts Greg Lestrade Murder Bbc Sherlock Crime Mrs Hudson A short story about when a case takes Sherlock and John into the darkened countryside of Scotland, where a criminal trail leads them to the tale of the Woman in the Water - a vortex of crime, poison, kidnapping, murder and international intrigue

Sherlock (BBC) (Serie TV), scopri 5094 nuove storie su EFP Fanfiction, il più grande sito italiano per leggere e scrivere assieme ad altri fan r/Sherlock_Fanfiction: **Sherlock Fanfiction** is primarily for fan-written stories set in the universe of the BBC show *Sherlock*, but other Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Log in sign up. User account menu. 7. Mycroft. Close. 7. Posted by 3 months ago. Mycroft. Hey, in search of Mycroft-centered fics, or at least fics where he.

Fanfic list (Sherlock) Basically a list of various Sherlock fanfics I've read. Organised in no particular order apart from what the contents are. In no way complete. (note: if I have one of your works listed here, you can request me to link it to your Tumblr) (note 2.0: I do not ship anyone in any particular way *ok maybe a have a penchant for Smallcroft*. Everyone is entitled to their. See a recent post on Tumblr from @harry-potter-sherlock-fanfics about mycroft-texts-sherlock. Discover more posts about mycroft-texts-sherlock

Mycroft has spent decades watching over Sherlock, talking about their fictional family dog and the myth of the east wind, trying to protect Sherlock from the things he doesn't remember. He's worried about Sherlock and stood guard over Eurus, and been worse than useless in the end. He was complicit. While he thought he was juggling both threats, maintaining enough control over the situation. Sowohl Irene als auch Mycroft blickten ihn an. Sherlock atmete tief ein. Ich sagte nein. *** Es war so einfach, das Passwort in ihr Handy einzugeben und damit gleichzeitig ihr Leben zu zerstören. Aber da Irene nicht nur versucht hatte, ihn auszunutzen, sondern gleichzeitig auch Mycrofts Arbeit zunichtezumachen, plagten Sherlock keine. Check out our sortable master rec list for Sherlock BBC Fanfiction - Johnlocks, John/Lestrade, John/Moran, Lestrade/Sherlock, Molly/Sherlock, and Mycroft/Lestrade. We strive to make fanfiction accessible to everyone through beautiful design and lots of curation - check out our cover art, memes investigation & mor

I don't know which is more humiliating, Mycroft spat, looking down at Sherlock with excoriating, knowing eyes. The fact that you're thirty-four years old when you have your first orgasm, or the fact that you're so frightened by your feelings you have to pump yourself full of cocaine and heroin just so you can forget the fact you have them. - also a bit angsty. Still on-going, but it's so. Then Mycroft asks Sherlock to decline a job offer because it would kill him in six months. Sherlock then wonders why Mycroft doesn't want him to take it. You have utility closer to home. Utility. How do I have utility? Here be dragons. After another moment, Mycroft pauses on his way into the house to admit to his brother Sherlock: Nun, ich dachte, das würde einfach so passieren! (Irgendwie so in der Art war das und ich kann mich immer noch schlapp lachen!) So, hier noch einer. So richtig richtig ist der nicht, aber ich fand ihn trotzdem cool! Sherlock zu Mycroft: Bring mich nicht auf die Palme, wenn ich high bin! Watson zu Mycroft: Besser, sie gehen jetzt Mycroft Holmes is Sherlock Holmes' brother and is traditionally older by seven years. It is mentioned in The Final Problem that, along with tradition, he remains seven years Sherlock's senior in the BBC adaption. citationneeded Mycroft was born to Mr and Mrs Holmes, the eldest of their three children, with his younger brother, Sherlock, being born seven years later, and their younger sister. Guard me Sherlock! fanfictions, headcanons, and matchups. not taking requests at this time. Master Post . Posts; Talk to Me ; Submit/Share; Archive; Mycroft Holmes cgs. guard me sherlock mycroft holmes mycroft holmes season one cgs. 12 notes. 12 notes Apr 13th, 2019. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; blxxmpetals liked this . sherlock7holmesfan liked this.

THE VERY BEST KIDFICS IN THE LAND.. The kid is Sherlock's, John's, or both of theirs. Getting Better by nox_candida Tristram Holmes and Emily Watson meet at school and become fantastic friends. Then their parents meet, and it all sort of falls into place from there (recommended by Deejaymil). Multiply (the sum of our parts) by 1electricpirate - John wants Sherlock back, and so does Mycroft Hier kannst du herausfinden, was Sherlock, Mycroft und John wohl über dich denken. Viel Spaß This is one of the first Sherlock fanfictions in the Sherlolly sub-genre focused on romance between Sherlock and Molly Hooper. When John's marriage makes Molly crave a family of her own, she opts to have a baby through IVF. Sherlock throws a spanner into the works by volunteering as the donor. Things get nuttier from there. Yet it all works. This well-balanced romance keeps Sherlock and.

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  1. Comments: Heartbreaking and beautiful character study on Sherlock, Mycroft, John, and Harry. It's told a bit out of order, but that just makes the reveals at the end all the more gut-wrenching. If you do not want to build a time machine and travel back in time to hug young!Sherlock by the end of this, then you have no soul. Sweet, cute, wonderful character study on both of the boys. This is.
  2. BBC Sherlock fanfiction Evangeline Holmes, the little sister of Sherlock and Mycroft, returns to England to see her brothers again. she got a room in 221B Bakerstreet. t... Genius. 7.3K 133 13. Ariel Wood is a genius. She is also very loving, kind and adventurous woman. She decide to move to London to work for Scotland Yard shortly after her father's death. The... Sherlock: Lover Mine [Book II.
  3. Mycroft steht mit Hselrock über SMS in Kontankt, berichtet Sherlock was John so gut und passt auf, dass er sich nichts antut. John will sich sogar das Leben nehmen, Mycroft überzeugt ihn dann in eine Art Klinik oder so zu ziehen, wo er betreut wohnt, unter der Bedingung, dass er seinen Aufenthalt jederzeit beenden kann. Irgendwann wird John dann dort überfallen, ladet im Krankenhaus und.
  4. Read Mycroft from the story The Third Holmes - A Sherlock Fanfic by MySuperWhoLock with 35,265 reads. johnlock, john, bbc. Mycroft Holmes was a very busy man..

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Read Mycroft : Group Chat from the story Sherlock Holmes Imagines by Sweetie_baby9 (Liane Kristel) with 216 reads. watson, imagines, holmes. John: Sherlock is.. See a recent post on Tumblr from @chiefmeltedcheesebarbarian about sherlock-and-mycroft. Discover more posts about sherlock-and-mycroft Sherlock: It*s all a bit of a blur, Detecitve Inspektor. I los count. Mycroft: All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock. Sherlock: Sentiment is a chemical defect found on the losing side Hounds of Baskerville Sherlock: What am I saying? This is brilliant. Phone Lestrade. Tell him there is an escaped rabbit This book contains imagines and preferences about Sherlock, the BBC TV series. Preferences include Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, James Moriarty, Mycroft Holmes, Molly Hooper and Greg Lestrade. | » W A R N I N G: major spoilers ahead; read at your own risk. | » C R E D I T S: Sherlock belongs to the. Mycroft, Eudoria, Enola & Sherrinford: How FanFic Expands the Sherlock Holmes Family Features New Netflix film Enola Holmes gives Sherlock Holmes a family beyond his estranged brother Mycroft

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Mycroft very much approved when his intended punctuated his sentences with physical contact and with Sherlock and John committing some random act of mischief out of sight, that contact could be carried a little further into a long kiss that was all the more sweet because of the familiarity of his spouse's lips. There was little in the world more comforting than the warm and welcome feel of. Mycroft forces Sherlock to give being coached by John a try. John isn't fussy, or controlling, and seems completely willing to let Sherlock try whatever mad jumps he wants to as long as he's there, and Sherlock actually listens to what John has to say. Before long, they've established Sherlock as one of the best skaters in the country Mind Ship Auteur : Clelia Kerlais Résumé : Sombre, sombre, petit bateau. Sombre, sombre, garde la tête sous l'eau. Laisse donc les vagues te briser les os. Il n'y a rien qui puisse te retenir.. Sherlock Fanfiction. Tags FAQ Complaints? home message theme. Johnlock and Other Ships Frequently Asked Questions. Do you only do Johnlock? No; If you go to the 'Tags' button you can choose from those pairings. Some may not have anything in them yet but just be a bit patient and I'll try to get to it as fast as I can. :D. Are you a boy or a girl? And if you're a boy, Are you gay? I don.

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Mycroft Holmes ist eine Figur der BBC-Serie Sherlock und basiert auf der Kanon-Figur gleichen Namens. 1 Leben 1.1 Vor der Serie 1.2 Staffel 1 1.3 Staffel 2 1.4 Staffel 3 1.5 Staffel 4 2 Anmerkungen Mycroft wird vermutlich 1973 geboren. Sieben Jahre später wird sein Bruder Sherlock geboren. Ei Discover more posts about A03-sherlock-fanfiction. Log in Sign up. Recent Top. marylousfanfictionspace . Follow. Unwilling (1515 words) by MaryLouLeach [AO3] archiveofourown.org. Chapters: 1/? Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms Rating: Mature Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade. Un-Sherlocked (Sherlock Fanfic) Fanfiction. After living in Wales her whole life, Jasmine Becker finally decides to leave her life behind and move into a large apartment on Baker Street. When she starts moving in, she hears gun shots next door. That is when she meets Sherlock Holmes, a sociop..

Sammelthread: Suche Fanfiction - Sherlock Holmes. Lapislazuli67 Mycroft Gatiss 34. Phoenicis 24.08.2017 | 23:27 Uhr BBC Sherlock Was wünscht ihr euch für die nächste Staffel? [ Seiten: 1 - 2 - 3 5] mysterious 105. Melancholy Sky 01.05.2016 | 10:57 Uhr. SHSpesh - The Abominable Bride - Well, then? Any thoughts...? [ Seiten: 1 - 2] nothinghappenstome 26. Crazy Kenny 23.04.2016. Sherlock et John se sacrifient l'un pour l'autre, se sauvent mutuellement la vie Ça me donne toujours des frissons, qu'ils puissent tenir l'un à l'autre à ce point, et toute cette tendresse qu'on devine entre eux. John se la joue bad ass, ce que je trouve très sexy(et Sherlock aussi, apparemment). Même Mycroft connaît son moment de gloire dans cette fic, puisque derrière.

Mycroft Holmes (Illustration: Sidney Paget) Mycroft Holmes ist der sieben Jahre ältere Bruder von Sherlock Holmes und tritt im Kanon zwei Mal persönlich auf und wird mehrfach erwähnt.. Mycroft im Kanon. Der griechische Dolmetscher In diesem Fall berichtet Sherlock Holmes erstmals gegenüber seinem Freund und Kollegen Dr. Watson von der Existenz seines Bruders Mycroft Holmes is a fictional character appearing in stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The elder brother (by seven years) of detective Sherlock Holmes, he is a government official and a founding member of the Diogenes Club.Mycroft is described as having abilities of deduction and knowledge exceeding even those of his brother, though their practical use is limited by his dislike of.

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Mycroft Holmes' Auftritte in den verschiedenen Filmproduktionen hielten sich mal mehr mal weniger an die im Kanon etablierten Aussagen über den genialen Bruder des Meisterdetektivs Sherlock Holmes. 1 Sherlock Holmes' größter Fall, 1965 - Robert Morley 2 Das Privatleben des Sherlock Holmes, 1970 Mycroft Holmes est le frère aîné de Sherlock, de 7 ans son aîné, ainsi que d'Eurus, de 8 ans son aîné. Il est joué par Mark Gatiss. Important car occupant un poste mystérieux (au M.I.6) au sein du gouvernement britannique, Mycroft a des contacts avec tous les hommes politiques du monde. Il.. Mycroft Holmes ist Sherlocks älterer Bruder. Er ärgert Sherlock immer, er findet aber eigentlich Sherlock auch Genial. Mycroft arbeitet als Geheimdienst Chef Finde heraus, mit Charakter aus der bbc-Fernsehserie Sherlock du am meisten gemeinsam hast - Sherlock, Mycroft, John, Moriarty oder doch Mrs Hudson

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#John Watson #Mycroft Holmes #Sherlock Holmes #au #gen #Author:solsticezero #* 8 years ago on March 31, 2012. 10 notes. couldbdangerous reblogged this from sherlockficbookmark.. Mycroft: Usually either very for or very against Johnlock. Either way he's kinkily watching the CCTV. Tea: Everyone drinks at least half their body weight in tea during the course of a story. Even drabbles. You see that 800-word story? 400 of those words deal with making tea. Milk: Getting the milk is a thing. It's practically a euphemism at this point. If Sherlock gets the milk, he's DTF. Or. I decided to make a list of Sherlock ships. There are so many ways to describe one that I figured maybe someone might help me out here. Sherlock/John: Johnlock Sherlock/Molly: Sherlolly Sherlock/Irene: Sherene or Adlock Sherlock/Moriarty: Sheriarty or Jimlock Sherlock/Mycroft: Shercroft or Homlesest Sherlock/Lestrade: Sherstrade Sherlock/Moran: Seblock.

Die Fans der Serie Sherlock lieben sie: Die Spannungen zwischen dem Meisterdetektiv und seinem Bruder Mycroft Holmes. Vor der Kamera scheinen sich Benedict Cumberbatch und der Co - Creator der.. Tagged: Sherlock Holmes, John/Sherlock, johnlock, sherlock x john, John Watson, Sherlock (BBC), . Hey there!! I just want to say I adore your fanfiction! ^w^ No really it's amazing, you're really staying true to their personality and I can really see you've put much effort on it

Posts about sherlock fanfic written by dovahlock221. shelleysprometheus:. Want to know how it ends? The Real Great Perfumers by shelleysprometheus. Now complete on AO3. The real great perfumers are not perfumers, they are the bees, the winds, the rivers and other things that carry and mix scents in space. ~ Serge Lutens That Mark Gatiss (Mycroft) wrote a few episodes of Doctor Who? 4 years ago ・ 1 note #sherlock #doctor who #mycroft holmes. incurablylazydevil: falling in love with you that was the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. 6 years ago ・ 7,220 notes ・ via ・ source. Baby otters at the cutest. Since Benedict Cumberbatch is an otter imagine baby Benedict Cumberbatch! 6 years ago ・ 38 notes. This Mycroft shimeji created by Kogitsune-no-Yosora from the shimeji pack BBC Sherlock will move around on your screen and interacts with your browser windows while you browsing the web. Install the Shimeji Browser Extension for Google Chrome and download Mycroft below to get this little BBC Sherlock character on your desktop

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Mycroft Holmes is a minor character on the BBC Crime Drama Sherlock. Mycroft has a job in the English goverment but according to Sherlock, it's only a minor part in the British government but he makes it seem more than it actually is. He is the older brother of Sherlock and they have a very strained relationship Mycroft Holmes is the older brother of Sherlock Holmes and eldest son of Morland Holmes. He worked as a restauranteur and an operative in MI6. He had been estranged from Sherlock for years, due to Sherlock's affair with his fiancé. Mycroft suffered from leukemia and afterwards was looking to improve his relationship with Sherlock Mycroft ist Gründungsmitglied des Diogenes Club, den Sherlock Holmes den Klub der ungeselligsten Männer in London nennt. Mycroft Holmes wird oft als mittelgroßer Mann mit abnehmendem Haaransatz und etwas fülliger Statur beschrieben. In den Verfilmungen wird er oft als einfältig, hochmütig, verfressen und leichtgläubig dargestellt

Jun 24, 2018 - Check out our sortable master rec list for Sherlock BBC Fanfiction - Johnlocks, John/Lestrade, John/Moran, Lestrade/Sherlock, Molly/Sherlock, and Mycroft/Lestrade. We strive to make fanfiction accessible to everyone through beautiful design and lots of curation - check out our cover art, memes investigation & mor Anthea kommt in den Episoden Ein Fall von Pink und Der leere Sarg aus der TV-Serie Sherlock vor. Es handelt sich dabei nicht um ihren richtigen Namen. Sie arbeitet für Mycroft Holmes. Auf seinen Befehl hin holt sie John Watson für ein geheimes Treffen ab und fährt ihn anschließend zurück in die Baker Street After Sherlock's return from the dead, Mycroft's and Sherlock's mother and father show up at 221B, having known all along that Sherlock was alive. They appear to be very ordinary, unlike the two brothers; Sherlock tells Watson it's an embarrassment he has to deal with. It is later revealed that Sherlock's mother is a renowned mathematical genius who retired from academia to be a full-time.

BBC's Sherlock took some liberties when adapting the stories of the Great Detective to television, and among the biggest changes it made to the original character was giving him a sister, Eurus, who was also a genius - but out of Sherlock, Mycroft, and Eurus Holmes, who is the most intelligent sibling? Created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock Holmes made his debut in 1887 in A Study in. Sherlock lui emprunte pour pouvoir résoudre son affaire en cours. Dans la saison 4, on voit des collaborateurs de Mycroft au sein du gouvernement britannique dont Mme Norbury et Mme Smallwood. Mycroft est le seul à savoir, que Sherlock et lui ont une sœur appelée Eurus Holmes

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10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Sherlock - Entwickelt am: 04.11.2019 - 4.450 mal aufgerufen - 2 Personen gefällt es Du wolltest schon immer in die tiefen deiner Persönlichkeit schauen und herausfinden, welcher BBC Sherlock Charakter du bist Apr 24, 2018 - Mystrade Slowburn Fanfiction Recommendations - Fanfic Recs. Explore • Quotes • Quotes By Genres • TV Show Quotes • Sherlock Holmes Quotes. .. Aug 17, 2019 - Read Drunk Broken Up Lestrade from the story Mystrade by usagainstthegalaxies with 328 reads. After a rough break up from Greg , it was somewhat of a m.. The new novel by NBA All-Star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, starring brothers Mycroft and Sherlock Holmes. It is 1873, and as the economies of Europe threaten to crumble, Mycroft Holmes finds himself in service to the Crown once again

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This is the main page for everything related to BBC's 2010 TV series, Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr. John Watson.This page is designed to make navigating your way around the sections of this wiki easier. Warning: Our content is updated as soon as material is released.There will be spoilers on most pages without individual warnings Robert Morley a interprété Mycroft dans Sherlock Holmes contre Jack l'éventreur en 1965. Pour sa part, Charles Gray a interprété Mycroft dans le film Sherlock Holmes attaque l'Orient-Express (1976) ainsi que dans l'adaptation des deux nouvelles pour Granada Television dans les années 1980-1990 avec Jeremy Brett dans le rôle de Sherlock

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03.02.2012 - Veerle Vanoost hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest Sherlock Holmes' Mutter ist gestorben, sein Vater ist in Indien verschwunden und seine Schwester benimmt sich merkwürdig. Die Holmes-Familie scheint zu zerbrechen, und nicht einmal Mycroft kann das ändern. Als plötzlich ein Nachbar in seinem eigenen Haus verschwindet, steht der junge Sherlock vor einem neuen Rätsel. Wo ist er hin? Gibt es. Mycroft's younger brother Sherlock, 18 and at Cambridge, delves into the drug connection while Mycroft pursues the Chinese mystery. Each withholds vital information from the other. Sherlock plunges into many physical scrapes, but Mycroft prefers that others follow his intellectual guidance. It takes both to solve this mystery, neither fully willing to credit the other

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MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK takes place two years after MYCROFT HOLMES so Mycroft is now 26 and Sherlock just shy of his 19th birthday. To succeed, a Holmes tale must be carefully crafted. Every item, no matter how small, must ultimately be linked to the solution of the case. In MYCROFT AND SHERLOCK, it was also necessary to point to the habits and characteristics for which the two men would. Als Sherlock sich entscheiden soll, ob er Mycroft oder John erschießen soll, droht er Eurus damit, sich selber zu erschießen und damit deren Spiel zu beenden. Bevor Sherlock seine Worte in die Tat umsetzen kann, schießen allerdings Betäubungspfeile aus der Wand und Sherlock, John und Mycroft werden aus Sherrinford fortgebracht

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Holmes: Sherlock gegen Moriarty oder nur Holmes (spanischer Originaltitel Holmes: Sherlock & Mycroft) ist ein Kartenspiel des spanischen Spieleautoren Diego Ibáñez für zwei Personen. Das Spiel erschien 2015 beim Verlag Devir und wurde danach in mehreren Sprachen aufgelegt. Anfang 2017 erschien es für den deutschsprachigen Raum bei Kosmos Spiele in der Serie Spiele für Zwe Mycroft Holmes ist Sherlocks älterer Bruder, von Bruderliebe ist allerdings nichts zu spüren zwischen den beiden. Mycroft arbeitet für die britische Regierung . Oft bittet er Sherlock um Hilfe. Sherlock co-creator, writer and actor Mark Gatiss reprises his role as Mycroft Holmes for special new clip to celebrate tenth anniversary of BBC drama Sherlock Holmes ist dank Benedict Cumberbatch der faszinierendste Detektiv im TV. Endlich gibt es Neuigkeiten zu Staffel 5 Mycroft and Sherlock is a worthy story bringing the two Holmes brothers together. It's time to stop comparisons with Arthur Conan Doyle. Abdul-Jabbar and Waterhouse stand on their own, carrying on the proud Sherlock Holmes tradition. - John Koenig, Stuff I Like show more . About Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is a huge Holmesian--7'2 tall, basketball's all-time leading scorer.

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